When playing basketball having good ball handling skills is essential.  The following basketball ball handling drills are a great way to improve your team’s [tag]ball handling[/tag] skills and can be applied during [tag]practice[/tag] or in [tag]warm up[/tag] before a game.Basketball Ball Handling Drills

The first of the [tag]basketball ball handling drills[/tag] is one I like to call the Gladiator Drill.  For the Gladiator Drill, have your players stand in 2 parallel lines facing each other approximately 10 feet apart.  Each pair has one [tag]basketball[/tag] between them, which they are to pass back and forth using one-handed passes.

While the passing is taking place, one lone player is to [tag]dribble[/tag] low to the ground and walk through the space between the lines of passers.  He is to stay low enough to walk underneath all the passes.  Once he has completed the gauntlet, that player takes the spot of the last player in the line while everyone else moves over and the next player begins his walk.  Once your players have mastered the one-handed passes, have them move back a step or two and perform bounce passes while the player in the gauntlet must stop and go between the bounces.

Another great [tag]drill[/tag] to improve your players’ ball handling skills when [tag]dribbling[/tag] is this one, the High/Low Dribble.  Again, start off by having your players in 2 parallel lines facing each other.  This time each player gets a ball.  First, have your players dribble for 30 seconds at chest height, then 30 more seconds at waist height, then 30 more seconds at knee height.  Make each change in dribble location with a whistle blast.  Once your players have mastered the drill, speed up the process by blowing the whistle more often.