I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]basketball ball-handling drills[/tag] over the past few days. Here’s a drill one of my subscribers sent in. Let me know how it works for you.Basketball Ball-Handling Drills

From Chuck
I usually lead into this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] with a standard two-line layup drill.

In the same two lines as the [tag]basketball layup drill[/tag], the player from line A dribbles up to the elbow and takes a shot (stop-and-pop). At the same time, the player from line B moves toward the basket to get position for the rebound. Player A must follow his shot to attempt to get the rebound, and Player B must get position and Box out to attempt to get the rebound. The players switch lines after each turn.

This is a simple [tag]basketball[/tag] drill that kids like, and it teaches shooting while following your shot, as well as defensive positioning and boxing out for a rebound. It’s also good as a pre-game warmup.