One of my favorite [tag]basketball ball handling drills[/tag] is called the 60 second weak hand drill. The focus of this [tag]basketball ball handling [/tag]drill is developing strength and control with the weak hand. Developing both hands will allow players to be a threat to drive left or right… making them that much harder to defend.
The drill starts with a player standing underneath the basket on his weak hand side (ie. left side for right handed players). The player begins by [tag]dribbling[/tag] up the court with his weak hand. When he reaches the opposite basket, he completes a layup with his weak hand.

The player then rebounds his own shot, turns around, then dribbles with his weak hand back along the opposite side of the court. He then finishes a layup with his weak hand.

The player then continues doing this for 60 seconds.
Focus on dribbling by pounding the ball hard into the ground. The emphasis for this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is on technique not speed. Keep the head up and eyes on the rim. Avoid pushing the ball out in front then running to catch up with it.