These basketball ball handling drills are for offense and defense.  Offensively they“  work on ball handling, passing, and scoring in highly intense, pressure situation.  Defensively they work“  on-ball defense, trapping, and double teaming.

Drill: The basketball court is divided into 4 separate zones. 1. End line to foul line. 2. Foul line to mid-court. 3. Mid-court to foul line. 4. Foul line to end line.  Place two defenders in each of the four zones. They must defend their zone, but cannot leave it.

Two offensive players must attempt to bring the ball up the court through ‘The Gauntlet’ and score.  On any miss and defensive rebound, steal, turnover, or out of bounds, the offensive pair SPRINTS back to the beginning and tries again.  If they make the basket, all eight on defense run. (could be a sprint down and back or a full 4-line sprint).

Each pair should be given only 3 opportunities to score.  Once they score (or not), switch positions so a new pair moves to offense.

Offensive Tips: There should not be a lot of dribbling; instead they should pass, cut, give and go.  Continually change sides as the ball moves up the court.

Focus on finishing – you cannot spend all that effort penetrating and not make the basket.

Defensive Tips: Keep pressure on ball handler and direct to the side.  Anticipate and deny the next pass.  Communicate with each other.  In the scoring zone, box out and rebound.

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