One of my subscribers actually suggested these ideas for [tag]basketball ball handling drills[/tag].  I’ve included it for you below.  Keep ’em coming!Basketball Ball Handling Drills

From Dutch…
This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is for the guards who take it to the hole.

The guard will start at the outer edge of the half court circle.
One defensive player will be placed at the three point line – top of the
key. Second defensive player will be at the free throw line.
Third defensive player at the top of the inner circle below the basket.

The object of this [tag]basketball ball handling drill[/tag] is for the guard to penetrate past the three defensive players to score a layup, but the catch is that the guard must remain within the boundaries of the key. This keeps very little room to“  maneuver and really challenges them to learn proper ball handling and body position.

You can also give the guards the freedom to pull up for a jump shot whenever they have the room.  They seem to like this one.