One of the most effective [tag]basketball ballhandling drills[/tag] is called the figure eight dribble drill.

To start, the player stands with his legs wider than shoulder width apart.  He dribbles the ball in a figure eight pattern around and between his legs, alternating hands where appropriate.

He starts the [tag]dribbling drill[/tag] by leaning to the right, dribbling with his right hand and starting at the outside of his right leg.  Then he leans to the left as he dribbles with his left hand.

He passes the ball between his legs to change hands, forming a figure eight with the direction of the dribbling routine.

To increase difficulty, the player can begin walking forward, taking a step everytime he comples one circuit around a leg.  He would start at the outside of his right foot and dribble behind it, then steps forward with his left foot and dribbles behind it.  Continue up the court and take one step at a time.

Make sure the player keeps his head up, and takes hard, quick dribbles with each hand.