Basketball Blog Idea SwapHi [tag]Basketball Coach[/tag]-

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE going
to practice with new coaching ideas, drills,
and plays.

As a matter of fact, it is a big reason I coach
in the first place.

I don’t like the same old, same old.

I want my players to enjoy [tag]practice[/tag] because they
are going to learn something new each time!

A few weeks back, I was at a coaching clinic in
San Diego with a lot of other like-minded coaches.

The best part of the ENTIRE clinic occured at
lunch on the last day.

I was sitting at table of coaching super-stars.

There were legendary [tag]high school[/tag] coaches, college
coaches, international coaches…

Anyway, we just started chatting about new
drills we were working on with our teams.

After 5 minutes, I knew I was participating in
one of the coolest events of the weekend.

Our poorly catered lunch quickly transformed into a
“[tag]Basketball[/tag] Think-Tank”.

I grabbed my notebook and started to jot down
all these cool ideas I got from other coaches.

Things I had NEVER thought about doing.


Anyway, I came home and couldn’t wait to get in touch
with you.

You see, you are part of my [tag]basketball blog[/tag] community.

(a group of serious coaches like yourself who are
committed to improving).

I wish I could get all of us around a table for
lunch so we could brainstorm new drills, plays,
and coaching tips.

but… pockets aren’t that deep this year.

Anyway…here is my idea…

There are over 2,500 of you who visit my blog, and I know
that each of you has a very cool drill, coaching tip,
or play up your sleeve that is working great in your

Wouldn’t it be neat if you had access to the best
basketball coaching ideas from other youth coaches
just like you?

So, here is my offer…

Each of you send me a coaching tip, drill or play.

No need to write a novel here- just a few sentences
about something that is working well for your team.

I will compile the list.

Here’s the catch, I’m happy to distribute the list,
but only to the coaches who take the time to contribute
an idea, drill, or play.

It’s a win-win.

You share a basketball coaching tip and get hundreds
of tips in return.

Sound like a deal?

Get to it, spend 5 minutes, fill in the form below, and give me
a basketball coaching idea that can be shared.

In a week or so I’ll send out the completed collection.

-Coach Pat

PS- Remember, the only way to get the “master idea list”
is to contribute- so don’t delay…

I *KNOW* you’re going to want a copy of this bad-boy 🙂