I wanted to pass along a fascinating [tag]basketball coaching[/tag] ‘case study’ I just completed.

You can find it here:


This Coach purchased my [tag]Basketball[/tag] Video Tutorials immediately after they were launched, and has seen “great success” with them so far (his words, not mine). He even called in person and left a message letting me know how much he had benefited from the course. Listen, if you’re still not sure whether the Basketball Video Tutorials are right for you and your team, you should really listen to Coach Z’s message.

Basketball season is right around the corner.  I can smell it in the air.  [tag]NBA[/tag] pre-season is firing me up.  Get your basketball coaching game in gear early so you aren’t caught on your heels.

Talk soon, Pat

PS – Coach Z. mentions how much he got out of the eleven free bonuses that are currently being offered as part of the package. Keep in mind that these are only available as part of the Introductory Internet Offer… and could be shut down at any moment. I’m pretty sure they will still be available if you go check later tonight, but am not 100% sure.