This idea for a [tag]passing[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] including a [tag]basketball chest pass[/tag] was sent to me by Dave.  I’ve included it here for you to try with your team. Your team’s passing skills will soar after using this a few times.Basketball Chest Pass

From Dave…
Here’s my favorite [tag]basketball[/tag] passing drill we call THROW + GO.

Have at least 1 player (or more) behind the baseline corner throw a baseball pass to a player at center court, then go (run) to that spot they threw to. The player at center court then makes a 2 hand overhead (soccer) pass to a player cross court at center court and goes to that spot. That player then makes a [tag]chest pass[/tag] to player at the free throw line and runs to that spot. The ball is then bounce passed to a player who is driving to the basket from foul line extended for a [tag]lay-up[/tag], rebound and take out of bounds (or throw it to waiting player at baseline) and start again with baseball pass to center court.

This drill works great to improve variety and crispness of [tag]passes[/tag] by making it competitive. Have 5 (or more) players do the same drill on the other 1/2 of the court, fastest to complete 1 – 5 rotations gets a bubble gum (positive reinforcement) or avoids doing push-ups etc.

Next have them do the same drill with 1 [tag]pass fake[/tag] B4 the throw, 2 pass fakes B4 the throw and top it off with no look pass + after a fake or 2. You may want to include a pivot + pass or even passing thru a double team trap (with a great pass fake). Another tip is to practice backdoor passes by putting a defender/[tag]coach[/tag] on the lay-up guy and have him bite on the first pass opening up the back door.

Do this drill next with defensive players positioned to stop the pass and allow players to throw any passes they want – avoiding lob passes! Time how long it takes to score 10 or so points, switch offensive defense + winner gets/avoids something.