Special thanks to Martin in the Czech Republic for sending this one in.  If you’ve wanted a fresh idea for a [tag]basketball coaching drill[/tag], you MUST try this out!“  Footwork is definitely improved.Basketball Coaching Drill

From Martin…
I am assistant coach of Sparta Prague women team, Czech Republic. It’s a great idea you offer and therefore I am sending my own [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]warm up[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag], based on Asian play with a lot of [tag]footwork[/tag].

Drill Name: Basketball Kabadi
Category: Warm up
Skill: Foot work, speed
Players in the Drill: 12
Drill Discription: Warm up drill with a lot of fun

Instructions:“  Two teams each six players. One complete team is located in the 3 point area. They form 2 triads, each triad with one ball. Each triad hold hands, so that the middle person holds both hands and the player on the right side holds the ball in his free hand. This player is a [tag]dribbler[/tag], the middle one is the king/queen and the third one is the attacker.

The second team nominates one player, which also stays in the same three point area, holding a ball- he is kabadi.

The [tag]coach[/tag] starts a period of 20 seconds play. The dribblers in the triads start dribbling.  During the time period the kabadi has to touch either one of the two balls or touch the king/queen as many times as possilble. For each touch there is one point for the kabadi team. The kabadi player cannot touch the same ball or king/queen twice in row, after a succesful touch of a ball he has to touch the second ball or king/queen and then he can touch he first ball again. At the same time the attackers have the right to touch the ball which the kabadi is holding in his hand. For each touch there is one point for the team of 2 triads. After 20 seconds the coach finishes the first game and calculates points for both teams. For the second game the teams switch their positions and game starts again.

Teaching Tips:
This drill needs a lot of footwork, especially from the kabadi player, because he could be attacked by both triads at once. Obviously many variations are available according to players skills- the time period, the area chosen for the game etc.