Many coaches struggle with coming up with fresh ideas for [tag]basketball coaching drills[/tag].  Here are a couple of suggestions that work well–give them a try.Basketball Coaching Drills

From Joe …
My girls were throwing [tag]passes[/tag] right to the opponent-turnovers galore, and giving up their dribble too soon. I came up with this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] to handle this.

In practice I had them [tag]dribble[/tag] toward a teammate (in vest), with a receiver at the low post, moving away from a [tag]defender[/tag]. Dribbler moved directly toward her defender, and bounce passed with one hand around her to a spot the forward could get to.

It was like putting round pegs into square holes. Two weeks later after several turnovers in a game, it clicked and and led to a couple of low post scores.

From Melissa…
One drill that I LOVE running with my girls is called the FULL COURT LAY-UP DRILL.

We use this to help learn how to transition [tag]fast break lay-ups[/tag].  The goal of the drill is to get the ball up the court as fast as you can so what we do is have one person under basket with ball – one sideline – and one at baseline (opposite sideline as the other sideline player).

We have the girl under basket throw to sideline/three point area which imitates the [tag]rebound[/tag] and outlet throw. This girl then takes off down court to receive a lead pass while girl on corner baseline is allowed to take off to play defense against the girl running down court.

This is a great fast-paced [tag]running drill[/tag] that runs both ways and also gets girls to practice good position underneath when trying to stop a fast break.