Below is one of my favorite [tag]basketball coaching drills[/tag].  This one, called, the Tip [tag]Rebounding Drill[/tag], teaches players how to keep a ball alive in situations where they cannot fully secure it underneath the boards.  Here’s how this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] works:

To start out, Player 1 takes the ball and stands at the free throw line.  Player 2 stands at the foul line extended on the right side. 

Player 1 then underhand throws the ball against the backboard and runs quick up to retrieve the rebound.  Instead of grabbing the [tag]basketball[/tag], he tips it to himself, them grabs it with two hands.  After securing the ball, he pivots around to face Player 2, yelling “Ball”.

Player 2 yells “Outlet!”, and gives a passing target to Player 1.

Player 1 then outlets the ball to Player 2 with a two handed overhead pass (the ball should never come down below the head after a rebound).  Player 1 dribbles the ball over to the foul line, filling the spot where Player 1 has just vacated.

At the same time, Player 1 sprints out to the foul line extended, filling the former spot of Player 2.  The [tag]drill[/tag] then repeats itself, this time with Player 2 acting as the rebounder, and Player 1 acting as the outlet.

Similar to other basketball coaching drills, the key to this one is repetition.  Make each player rebound ten times before taking a break.