Here are a couple great [tag]basketball coaching drills[/tag] submitted by readers of my blog:

From Karen…

Your player starts out at the right hand corner of the foul line, dribbles in for a lay up, lets the ball drop and sprints to the foul line, goes back in for the ball and puts it up again, then darts to the opposite corner of the foul line..I pass it to her and she shoots a corner shot.


From James…

We line our guys up behind the backboard, as if they are lining up for a free throw.

They sprint to the Elbow.
Slide across to the other Elbow,
then back to the other Elbow.
and back to the other Elbow.
Back peddle back to underneath the backboard.

It helps them get an understanding of were they are on the court and to be able to measure distance in regards to how many steps off you can play and how far does 3 or 4 steps cover for each player.


Send me an email if you have any basketball coaching drills you’d like to share!