I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for some fresh ideas for [tag]basketball coaching drills[/tag] over the past few days.  Here’s an idea that one of my readers sent in. Keep ’em coming!Basketball Coaching Drills

From Gary…
One of my favorite [tag]basketball drills[/tag] is to put ten guys on the floor, five on offense, five on defense.

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag]works on rebounding point guard skills, transition fast break, and secondary break.

The [tag]basketball[/tag] team on defense must box out the other team.  If the defense gets the bound they begin a fast break or secondary break. It is the responsibility of the point guard to call on the offensive team to call out the defense they will be in zone, man, etc.

I only allow two transitions back and fourth, after that we start over. After five progressions I switch the offense and defense.  If the offensive team gets the rebound they stay at the basket and try to score. The defensive team also runs a sprint for allowing the offensive team to get the rebound.