These basketball coaching drills focus on proper passing techniques and catching the ball properly so ball adjustment doesn’t have to be made. We drill in the early season on catching the ball with the hands in what I call triple threat position.

Without moving the ball they are ready to shoot also, pass or dribble and this helps in this drill I call Catch and Shoot.

The drill goes like this: I position 4 players on the baseline with a basketball, one on each foul lane side and one just inside each point where the three point line touches the baseline.

I will then position 4 players around the 3 point line one directly in front of a ball (so 2 up at top and one on each wing) The shooter will start at one baseline and as she runs around the first player at the 3 point line the baseline player will pass her a ball and she will, using proper footwork, catch and shoot a 3. She will then step slide around the next player , receive a pass from the baseline and catch and shoot and continue until all four 3 point shots have been taken.

Of course you could position your statue players inside the 3 point line for shorter range shots. The statue player will follow the shot and rebound it and switch places with the out of bound players as another shooter rotates in .

Later on I will have the statue player jump to defense after the pass and have the offensive player execute a jab and go, show and go etc offensive move.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below! And please check out this free basketball drills article for more ideas you can use in practice.