We were having trouble getting our team focused and energized early in Monday practices. So, we came up with these basketball coaching drills. They incorporate conditioning, ball handling and staying focused on the task at hand as well as offense and defense fundamentals.

Team Focus Drill

4 lines of 3 at baseline,“  each 3 having their own basketball.  Each threesome does a weave to the other end making a right or left handed layup.  When group 1 gets to half court group 2 takes off and so on.  No turnovers, dropped passes or missed layups are permitted.

The team must make a predetermined number in a row or we start over at 1 until that number is reached. This keeps the team focused and gets the week off to a good start.

Fundamentals for Offense and Defense

1.  Passer stands in front of the basket about halfway to foul line.
2.  Shooters stand 9-10 feet away, facing the basket, inside 3-point circle.
3.  Passer throws bounce pass to left or right of shooter.
4.  Passer waits until shooter touches ball, then runs out to defend.
5.  Shooter must move to the ball, get square to the basket, get ball up in shooting position, and get shot off before defender can get in their face.
6.  As shooter releases the shot, defender works on block-out technique, while shooter attempts to follow shot.

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