Here are two [tag]basketball coaching drills[/tag] that I use repeatedly throughout the season.  The first [tag]basketball drill[/tag] has become one of my favorites and I use it in many variations to address the skills we need to work on.  The [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] is simple yet effective.

Line up 3 players at half court, and 3 more on free throw line behind them.  The dribbler starts on the base line and has to dribble past the first line and then get past the second.  Many variations can be used.  Working on traps, talking, put the posts in the second line and have them work on communicating for rotation of a full court press.

If a dribbler has a problem of putting their head down, have someone down behind the second line of defenders sporadically wave their hands so the dribbler has to see them and make the long pass.  So many options from this for both offense and defense.

Another coaching drill, 25 Shots, was originally for youth [tag]basketball[/tag] teams but it works well for all ages. I stress the importance of their shooting. Before my players can leave practice they have to shoot 25 shots just around the foul line or in and make them to count.

This has helped the players get motivated enough to really concentrate on their shooting and not just throwing the ball up.