I was watching “Dancing With The Stars”
last night….don’t laugh, I’m sure you might have
been stuck watching with your wife/daughter/
girlfriend also…

Anyway, during one of the commercial breaks
that EASY BUTTON commercial came on.

And you know what?

I’m going to *steal* their slogan.

Because, I think EASY BUTTON better describes
my [tag]basketball practice plans[/tag] than anything else!

Think about it, you’re torn between watching
the end of a great game on Sunday and preparing
for Monday’s practice. 

EASY BUTTON–> The [tag]basketball practice[/tag] plan is already
in your coaching bag, ready to go, no TV
programming is lost.

Think about this one…the team is begging
you for a new *fun* drill (as they try to delay their
conditioning drills at the end of practice).

You quickly hit your EASY BUTTON, pull out the [tag]Basketball[/tag]
Drills & Practice Plans and proceed to find a
*fun* drill that artfully masks it’s conditioning
elements in 3 seconds flat.

Ahhh…..coaching with an EASY BUTTON….

Get your EASY BUTTON here:


Coach Pat