One of the best suggestions I can give for [tag]basketball coaching help[/tag] was one my [tag]basketball coach[/tag] used when I was in high school. It is excellent for building player/coach rapport as well as team building.

A lot of players will tell you what works for them and then find a comfort zone. Prior to [tag]basketball practice[/tag] have each player tell you something they don’t want to do on the court, or they fear they’re not good at on the court. You will be amazed how many players have the same concerns or weaknesses that they can’t seem to correct!

Once you know what they are, you can set aside 10 minutes of every practice to let them work on moves that help them overcome their weak spots. And, when setting up practices, as coach, you can put them in situations where they WILL overcome that weakness because they are practicing it.

This builds up coach/player rapport because it is not the coach telling the player what the problem is. It’s the [tag]basketball[/tag] player learning to identify and analyze her game, and getting the support she needs to improve.