I got an e-mail from Doug, a newsletter reader, who had a great suggestion that i wanted to pass along…this idea has to do with getting a [tag]basketball[/tag] team working together and focused before the season officially starts:

…Something I did this year with my [tag]basketball team[/tag] was put together a team poster. I can’t say I made this up completely, but I got it and loved the idea. I split up my team in groups of 3 or 4 and have them come up with :
3 Team goals
1 Team quote
10 this we commit to do as a team
then we get back together and vote on the ones they like most and come up with one master list. I took a picture of each of my girls and put the pics around the outside of the 14 items they voted and put if in the locker room blown up and visible. Kinda like a contract of thing they want to do as a team….

Isn’t that“ a great idea!“  [tag]Networking[/tag] with other coaches is one of my favorite ways to get new ideas to use with my team.  Do you have an idea I could post for other basketball coaches to benefit from?“  If so let me know!“  Fill in the form below with anything you think might be helpful to your counterparts around the world- drills, plays, coaching ideas, stories, anything.  I’ll post your ideas later this week.