Here is one hint regarding [tag]basketball coaching[/tag] success: emphasize passing. There are numerous [tag]basketball passing drills[/tag] but here are two of my favorites.

Passing Drill #1.
Three equal lines on the baseline.
Outside lines have [tag]basketball[/tag]s, inside line does not.

Have one player from each line begin to move down court together alternating sides. The wing player passes to center player who returns pass, then pivots and receives pass from opposite wing player and passes back.

This drill works on catching and receiving quickly and the center line players rotating 180 degrees rotate so each line is in the middle. At first there should be a stagger before next group goes. Once the players get the hang of it then tempo can be increased.

Passing Drill #2
Four passers are on O in a box (we used the elbows and the blocks) and three defenders
inside that.  The goal for the O is to make 10 passes without the D getting a touch on it.  The O runs line drills for however many touches the D got.

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