Basketball coaching is quite a bit of work. Not only do you need to ensure that your players perform on the court–you also have to do your best to make your practices as efficient as possible.

This video provides some great tips about how to schedule your practices so that you can be sure that your basketball coaching is making as much of an impact on your team as possible.

At the beginning of the season, practice for two hours a day. On January 1st, practices go to one and a half hours. On March 1st, practices go to one hour because we now want fresh legs for the tournament/play-offs.

Following is a practice schedule that will guarantee that your entire team is able to work on their skills:

  • Start with a ten-minute exercise block.
  • Next is a ten-minute shooting block, which consists of three drills that change each day.
  • Next is a ten-minute defensive block, which consists of five defensive drills for two minutes each. These drills focus on foot quickness, aggressiveness, and blocking out.
  • Next is a ten-minute offensive block, which can be filled with whatever you want to teach.
  • Next is a fifteen-minute fast break block where you’re running your offense, doing two-on-one, three-on-two, five-on-zero drills.
  • Next, you have a fifteen-minute block of pressure drills.
  • Finally is a five-minute segment of specialties such as three-quarter court out of bounds, your go-to bounds, and other special situations.

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