I get LOTS of e-mails from [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]coaches[/tag]…just wanted to share some of the kind words I heard today…


I am just getting back into coaching after 12 years. The video tutorials served as great refreshers of some basics (i.e. form shooting) and included everything from basic drills that could be used for almost any age group to offenses, defenses, traps and press breakers that are easy for the kids to run. The step by step tutorials are a great supplement to the practice plans and allowed me to better understand how some of the drills, presses, offenses, defenses etc. work that are illustrated in the email links. I was unsure at first about the whole program after reading through the website, but as a coach trying to get back in the game, it has been a great help thus far.

Matt Gottschalk Rockford, IL


I have been coaching Basketball, Baseball or some sport for over 15 years. I have a degree in Physical Education and love all types of sports. I have read many books and gone to many coaching clinics and camps over the years. I took a head coaching position again after sitting back and watching my twin boys play and assisting someone else. I have watched the video tutorials and they are very well done. They help me remember many techniques to get the most out of my players. I will give you more insight after out practices begin. Tryout went better than I ever remembered. Thanks “so far so good”

Mark Bailey


Coach Anderson, Your Basketball Drills and Practice Plans has been a great addition to my coaching portfolio. As a first year head coach, the information that you’ve provided has been instrumental in helping me to become better organized. I’ve always wanted a simple but detailed outline of drills and skills that I could have readily available at my fingertips. Not only that, but with this information I am now able to effectively train and empower my assistant coaches in the concepts that we want rehearsed daily in our basketball program. I wholeheartly recommend this product for any coach who is serious about taking their program to the next level.

Gary Tidwell