This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball coaching strategies[/tag].  I strive to make the [tag]basketball drills[/tag] I use relevant and meaningful so each drill must contribute to our team’s performance.

It’s not good enough to do a “cool” [tag]basketball drill[/tag]. The players MUST be able to see how the skills that they work on in each drill will help them on the court. So I take time to show them how the skill contributes in our team defense or offense.

We run the defense/offense and I stop to highlight the [tag]basketball[/tag] skill that we will work on. Then we work on the skill in a drill that simulates the game experience. Then we run the defense/offense again to watch the players using the skill in a “game situation” or at “game tempo.” We then take time to discuss how the skill will help us as individuals and as a team.

The drills become a microcosm of the game. So that the players can see how the drills will help them improve their performance and, through them, the team performance on the court.