One of my favorite [tag]basketball coaching strategies[/tag] stresses the importance of teamwork and self esteem of the players.

Often I have a couple of weak kids on my team. I designed a [tag]basketball play[/tag] just to make sure they will have an opportunity to score. I like every player to score every game. It is good for them and good for the other players to learn about teamwork and sharing the [tag]basketball[/tag].

On an inbounds pass I line up three guys on the lane shoulder to shoulder at the baseline. The intended shooter inbounds the pass from the weak side to my strongest ball handler. The shooter then goes down the lane on the weak side and runs baseline to the other side of the triple pick. The point hits him with an easy pass for an easy two pointer.

The point can also penetrate the lane if the intended shooter is followed around the pick or dish it off to the lowest man on the pick who rolls off to the basket once the shooter passes him on the baseline.