I received this [tag]basketball coaching tip[/tag] from Chet, one of my subscribers.  Keep ’em coming!Basketball Coaching Tip

From Chet…
One [tag]basketball[/tag] tip I have is to try to run [tag]basketball practice[/tag] like a game at least once or twice a week. Meaning–call 30 second and full timeouts. Have the team on the floor (or everyone if it’s a [tag]basketball drill[/tag]) and use the whiteboard to diagram the drill or play that you are working on.

This not only gives the players a little rest but it keeps them moving and having fun. Plus, I have found that it reflects well in the games, players are more attentive in timeouts and less nervous because we have practiced it already.

Also, halfway through practice we will go to the locker room and take 5-10 minutes like we would in a game.  We often practice lots of things that the players will do in games so I figured why not do it all the way?!?!!