This is one of my favorite[tag] basketball coaching tips[/tag] of all.  A colleague sent this to me and it is excellent advice.

About six months ago my team was in the championship game of a national [tag]basketball[/tag] tournament. After the first 4 minutes of the game I had to call a time out because we looked sluggish, scared, intimidated or just plain lack lusted. One of my assistants said, coach they are playing too tight.

We were down 20 to 4 and I had to do something fast or this game was going to get away from us.

I called time out, walked the whole [tag]basketball team[/tag] to center court. Instead of yelling and slam-blasting them, I had them take a knee. I told two jokes I had heard the night before on some talk show. The laughter from center court was all they needed. We won the game 78 to 52.

I’ve been telling jokes in tough times ever since. You hear [tag]basketball coach[/tag]es all the time say just relax and play. Well here’s my way to relax the team!