I received this suggestion for [tag]basketball coaching tips[/tag] from Frank, one of my subscribers.  It includes some great tips you can begin using with your team right away.

Something I have been saying for years when teaching shooting – NEVER TEACH MECHANICS WHILE SHOOTING AT THE BASKET. Basketball Coaching Tips

I believe when you do this, the kid tries to hard to follow the direction and 99.9% of the time misses the shot.  They now believe you have given them incorrect instruction.  To avoid this we teach [tag]basketball[/tag] shooting under two headings: mechanics and the mental side.

Mechanics are taught using BEEF and Spin [tag]basketball drills[/tag].  During spin drill work player concentrates on each letter – B for balance, E for Eyes sighting the target, E for elbow under and F for getting the feel. Mental side is taught using the Ultimate Shooting Method.