Here is an idea I use often in [tag]basketball coaching[/tag]. It has worked well for me with all the players I have coached.  This is one to use often and you’ll see the results.

One of the [tag]basketball drills[/tag] I use is called: The Visualization Drill

First: Pick any shot or [tag]basketball drill[/tag] etc…
Second: Have players close their eyes prior to performing the shot or drill.
Third: Prior to performing the drill allow players 10 to 20 seconds to visualize the perfect way to perform the shot or [tag]basketball[/tag] drill.
Fourth: Make sure player has visualized only that of perfection. If it’s a foul shot the 20 second visualization must be seen as the player using proper position at foul line, proper technique with follow through, release and making the shot every time. Repeat as many times within 20 second period.

These techniques work well at night while lying in the bed before going to sleep. This programs the sub-mind and builds confidence.

My purpose for using visualization is to build belief in self, confidence and most important to see the end at the beginning, nothing less than perfection. This is a proven drill it Works.