One of the biggest areas that coaches neglect is [tag]basketball conditioning[/tag].  Read below for a great suggestion on this topic:Basketball Conditioning

From Sean…
An excellent [tag]basketball conditioning drill[/tag] for all ages, the “7-Minute” drill.

Split your [tag]basketball[/tag] team into two groups and line up at opposite baselines to the right of each basket (when facing the court) where the FT lane and baseline meet.

Both groups will run the following route for seven minutes: full court (baseline to baseline) at half-speed; when the player hits the opposite baseline, they immediately get into a defensive stance and shuffle diagonally to the near sideline to the FT line extended; turn and sprint across the court to the opposite FT line extended and shuffle back diagonally to the intersection of the near-side baseline and FT lane.  The player then repeats that route going the other way.  Every leg of the route is at full-speed with the exception of the baseline-to-baseline trip.

Much is revealed during these seven minutes regarding conditioning, effort and attitude and I have found it a very valuable [tag]basketball drill[/tag].