This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball conditioning drills[/tag]. I call it the 10 Seconds drill. It is a fast paced drill whose purpose is to improve transition, running the floor and conditioning skills.

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] requires 3 players.
1) The drill begins with 3 players in the lane. Player 1 has the [tag]basketball[/tag] in front of the basket and the other two are at the elbows with at least one foot in the paint.
2) Player 1 throws the ball off the glass, rebounds it, and outlets it to one of the other players who has gone to the outlet positions as the ball hits the glass.
3) The player who catches the outlet is to push the ball up the middle of the floor.
4) The player who does not receive the outlet will sprint up the floor and receive the long pass from the wing with the ball for a lay-up.
5) After receiving the pass for the lay-up, the player who makes the pass (original outlet player – player 2) has to touch one foot in the paint and sprint the other way, this time to be the player who receives the pass and shoots the lay-up.
6) Player 1’s job is to simply sprint the floor, take the ball out of the net, and outlet it to he player who hit the lay-up (player 3).
7) Player 3, after she makes her lay-up, sprints to the outlet position and will throw the long pass to player 2.

Not only must the two lay-ups be made in the allotted 10 seconds, but all three players must have a foot in the paint before 10 seconds are up as well!