Basketball Conditioning PracticeComing up with new ideas for [tag]basketball conditioning practice[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge.  Here’s a tip that“  works well. Give this a try with your team.

[tag]Basketball Conditioning Drill[/tag]:

Need 3 players; I weighted ball and one regular [tag]basketball[/tag].

1 player on each block facing the backboard/basket, with one of them with the weighted basketball.
The other player is in the middle of the paint facing the basket with a basketball.
Each player on the block needs to play catch by passing the ball to each other off the backboard until the player in the middle makes 5 shots in a row.  Once made five shots rotate positions until everyone has a chance to shoot.

Varying levels of difficulty
Ø“ “ “ “ “ “  The shooter can be closer or further from the basket
Ø“ “ “ “ “ “  More or less consecutive shots made
Ø“ “ “ “ “ “  Favorite à Players on block have to catch and pass the ball while still in the air