Scott, one of my subscribers, sent in his favorite [tag]basketball conditioning practice[/tag] plans that he uses with his team. I’ve included it here for you to try with your team.  Keep ’em coming!Basketball Conditioning Practice

From Scott…
We start each [tag]basketball practice[/tag] just like a game.

After stretching, we run our pre-game warm-up [tag]basketball drills[/tag]–star drill, lay-ups, 3 on 2 and then right into a team scrimmage. Conditioning the players to take the warm-up serious and get ready to go full court, just like prior to a game. Plus, once the players are a little winded they seem to concentrate just a little better on the other aspects of [tag]basketball[/tag] practice.

Our players love to scrimmage. That’s one reason we start with it and they know if they pay attention and we “get done what we need to get done” I will save time for them to scrimmage to finish the practice. And, if they don’t go hard in the final scrimmage, work on conditioning…then we will have a more traditional form of conditioning to complete the practice.