Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best“ drills for a [tag]basketball conditioning program[/tag].  Check out these [tag]basketball drills[/tag] below (very creative!).Basketball Conditioning Program

From Chris…
[tag]Basketball“ Conditioning Drills[/tag]

Paris Islands:“  Players divide into 2 groups, and each group takes a baseline.  When one group finishes, the other group starts.  We will make at least 2, 2 1/2, or 3 trips (each trip is down to the opposite baseline and back to the starting baseline; a 1/2 trip would be down to the opposite baseline).  Each time a [tag]basketball[/tag] player nears 1/2 court, he must dive to the floor and complete a given number of push-ups — we usually do 5 push-ups each time.

Hustle Drill: Players start in a line at the baseline/laneline.  Player A calls the ball and defensive slide to the sideline.  As they reach the sideline a [tag]basketball coach[/tag], manager, or the next player in line rolls a ball towards the sideline-1/2 court line.  Player A must sprint and dive for the loose ball.  Once he gains possession of the ball he will throw it to a coach/manger who is standing at the top of the key, and then sprints towards the basket.  Player A will receive a pass from the coach and attach the basket looking to score.  Player B will start as player A gets the pass from the coach.  Variations include running a fade cut for a jumper or a 3pt shot; missed lay-ups =“  push-ups.

Combination Drill:
Foul shooting: (Runner/Shooter/Rebounder)“  Players make groups of three at a basket.  Player A is the shooter, player B is the runner (he will sprint the length of the court until it is his turn to shoot) and player C is the rebounder.  The shooter will shoot two foul shots then becomes the next rebounder, runner is the next shooter, and the rebounder starts in defensive rebounding position and becomes the next runner.  Rebounder must “box out” by stepping up the lane, then rebound the ball.  Each player shoots a total of 10 foul shots.