Special thanks to Rob for sending this one in.  If you’ve ever struggled to come up with new ideas for [tag]basketball conditioning[/tag] drills, you should try this out!

You know how the kids really dislike suicides so I developed what I call my Power Suicide. It’s a stamina [tag]basketball drill[/tag] with eight stations all designed to build strength and stamina. You know as well as I know some times getting kids to not be tired while playing is a tough task.Basketball Conditioning

Station 1 is half way between foul line and the outta bounds beneath the basket there“  the“  kids perform 5 jumping jacks.
Station 2 at the foul line perform 5 push ups
Station 3 machine gun running in place for a 5 count
Station 4 at half court have kids do 5 crunches
Station 5 at the top of the three point line of the opposite basket kids perform what I call donkey kicks first stretch hands above head“  then touch the waste line then dropping to the floor kicking out legs beneath them and back up to starting position 5 times.
Station 6 sit-ups 5 times at the foul line.
Station 7 again half way between the foul line and the out of bounds line kids perform a imitation rebound jumping up as if grabbing a rebound and elbows out turning left and right then back up again.
Station 8 here kids perform a one minute jump rope then turning around facing wall and having kids go in a side to side defense stance backwards going back to original starting point.

Well, there it is, the ultimate [tag]basketball[/tag] stamina drill. I usually do this [tag]basketball conditioning drill[/tag] only with the 13 and older kids. Also I limit it no more than two per practice.