Too often our girls don’t know how to defend once their offensive player passes the ball to the wing. This is one of the [tag]basketball defense drills[/tag] that has helped out our girls tremendously.

We start with offensive player (A) with the [tag]basketball[/tag] at the top of the floor between the three point arc and half court.  Defender (B) takes a defensive stance on the ball.  The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] stands at the free throw line extended.  Player A makes a pass to the coach on the wing.  Player B immediately jumps to the ball, towards the coach, with arms out and the head on a swivel.  B is looking to stop the basket cut by player A.

After the pass, A steps away from the pass (looking to set up his basket cut) towards the opposite wing (two steps), then attempts to cut to the basket trying to beat defender B.  Once B has jumped to the ball, he is in good position to block the basket cut, stepping into the path of A going to the basket.

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is over when B successfully blocks A from cutting to the basket.  Players rotate from offense to defense, defense to offense.

We run through this for five minutes at a time and it has really helped our our players.