Could you use some fresh ideas for [tag]basketball defense drills[/tag]?“  Here are a couple of [tag]basketball drills[/tag] we use to condition our ball handlers as well as enhance our defense.

Full Court/Split Court 1 v 2

3 players: 2 defense, 1 offense

The [tag]basketball[/tag] court is divided right and left.
Offensive player begins with the basketball at the baseline.
One defensive player positioned on ball, another stacked over the top in a position to trap.
The offensive player is challenged to score in the full court against the two defenders using only half of the available width of the floor. The defenders should dominate this [tag]basketball drill[/tag], but it is a good training exercise that will condition ball handlers to be stronger with the ball under pressure.

Individual Full Court Lay-ins

Beginning at midcourt sideline, speed dribble (2-3 max) and finish. Grab the basketball from the net (as to finish w/same hand as initial layin) and circle the elbows to finish again.
Grab the ball from the net drive full court to the other end–incorporate various techniques for scoring–jump stop, pull up jumper, hesitation, cross over, in and out, spin and/or combinations.