One of my favorite [tag]basketball defense drills[/tag] that I use on a daily basis, is called 3 on 2 continuous defense drill.  This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is designed to develop ball handling skills, dribbling, passing, offenses and defensive skills.

I divide players into two equal teams.  To start the drill one defensive player is at the free throw line, the other player is underneath the [tag]basketball[/tag].  Three players start at the half 3 on 2. There are players on the side line (off the court) on both sides of the court free throw extended waiting to come in when the defense rebounds the ball.

The rule is when the defense rebounds the ball, the outlet man who is waiting to run on the court, must come in a straight line to receive the pass.  This will help players to remember not to float up the court for a pass, rather to come to the ball so that we can get the ball in the middle and the 2 other men who were on defense will fill a lane now having a 3 on 2 going back the other way on offense.

There are two other defensive players waiting on the court to play 3 on 2.  When the shot is taken, same philosophy, the outlet man will come on the court in a straight line to receive the pass and the two defensive players now on offense will fill a lane for a fast break.

This drill will continue 3 on 2 for about 15 to 20 minutes.  If a bad pass is made and the ball goes out of bounds, the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] will always have another ball to throw into play to keep the drill going.

I call this drill 3 on 2 continuous.  As you can see, the players get a chance to create game like situations while improving their passing, dribbling, offensive and defensive skills.  This drill has really helped my players to THINK!