Coming up with fresh ideas for coaching [tag]basketball defense[/tag] can be challenging. This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] has been good in working on pressure man to man help side defense.

The wings were not cutting passing lanes very well, so we started doing this drill.  Start 5 on 5. Have the offense play any of your offenses. If your man catches the [tag]basketball[/tag] on the wing without you tipping or stealing the pass you must run to the opposite baseline (or at least the halfline).  The offensive player that caught the pass is now wide open.  We have them drive to the basket to make sure our help side defense is in place and in good rotation.

The intensity on denying those wing passes has multiplied.  The JV basketball coach has even had his players run to the halfline in games (at least during the first 1/4); as you can imagine they get the picture and start denying wing passes very well. Just for the record after our JV tournament our JV is 9-1 with only a two point loss.

Usually the ballhandler is surprised to be so open and runs into trouble when our help rotates.