Steve in Cleveland emailed me looking for advice on [tag]basketball defense plays[/tag].  Here’s a play sent to me by Gary that works well!Basketball Defense Plays

From Gary…
Here’s an [tag]out-of-bounds[/tag] [tag]play[/tag] that’s always worked since high school.  This is for when your team is under your own basket.

Instead of everyone stacked up on the line…

Put your best [tag]passing[/tag] guard under the basket taking the ball out.
Your big men are down low on the boxes, and the remaining two players at the elbows.  Your big man will be right in front of the guard taking the ball out.  When the play starts, both players lined up with the ball screen away.  Your big man down low screens away, and reverse pivots toward the ball. Usually the [tag]defense[/tag] will call “Switch”, and the man who was guarding the big man will switch off. “  Your guard passes it in, the big man has now got the player he just screened on his back, and should go straight up for the two foot shot.

It’s very simple, very quick, and if you coach this [tag]basketball[/tag] play correctly, it almost always gets a basket (or a foul).