These ideas for [tag]basketball defense tips[/tag] were sent to me by Mike and Mary. Check them out and let me know how they work for you.Basketball Defense Tips

From Mike…
One [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that I really find very useful in teaching the players aggressive [tag]defense[/tag], [tag]passing[/tag], and [tag]control[/tag] under pressure.
Ҭ Players start out in two, single-file lines about 15 feet apart.
Ҭ Player #1 passes the ball to player #2, in the opposite line.
Ҭ Player #1 then immediately attacks player #2 with very close, aggressive defense, to prevent his/her pass
Ҭ Player #2 then attempts to pass the ball to player #3 (who is in the line where player #1 started)
Ҭ Once the pass is successfully completed from player #2 to #3, player #2 then becomes the defensive player who challenges the pass of player #3, and player #1 goes to the end of the line that player #2 started in.

This drill can continue for as long as the [tag]coach[/tag] feels is necessary.

From Mary…
One man in the middle surrounded but the team on the 3 line. The player in the middle passes to the first person then defends. The man in the middle defends each player on the arc then the next player goes in to defend everybody!