I was at [tag]basketball practice[/tag] last night and used these [tag]basketball defense tips[/tag] that Tom sent to me.  Give these a try with your team.Basketball Defense Tips

From Tom…
Here is my [tag]basketball[/tag] tip:

1 Player is shooting a free throw.
Two defensive players are in the lane.
After the shooter shoots the ball the other two either rebound or take it out of the net and go 2 on 1 back down the court.
You need to have 2 other lines under each basket. After 2 on 1 you go back down 3 on 2 (two other players step out) after they score or miss it is 4 on 3 back down the court (two other players step out.).  Then you go 5 on 4 and finally 5 on 5.

This is a great [tag]basketball drill[/tag] to work on transition and getting back on defense. Talking on defense you are always down a man except on the last possession. Whoever scores on the last possession gets a point. First team to 7 wins.