Many coaches have sent me [tag]basketball defensive drills[/tag].  Here are two suggestions from Bob and from Greg that will work well for your teams.Basketball Defensive Drills

From Bob…
Peek-a-boo [tag]drill[/tag].
10 players plus a [tag]shooter[/tag] to complete the [tag]basketball[/tag] drill.
5 players in one color (defense) and the other 5 another color (offense).
The players partner up inside the the 3 point arc.
Guards more toward the perimeter and forwards in the paint. One on [tag]offense[/tag] and the other on [tag]defense[/tag].
The defensive player must close their eyes while the offense of player moves within 3 feet of the person who has their eyes closed.
As the the shooter yells shot, the defensive player opens their eyes and finds their partner and boxes them out.

From Greg…
Divide two teams and play a ‘possession’ game.
Each player must move to space and show hands to receive the ball; take a least 2 dribbles (with head up) and bounce pass the ball to a teammate.
Winning team gets 5, 10, 20 passes in a row without a steal.
Advanced variations of this game include 5 passes toward the basket and then taking a shot (other variations).