If you’re looking for quick [tag]basketball defensive drills[/tag] try this one. We set up a 5 on 5 [tag]basketball[/tag] drill to increase awareness and proper footwork.

The 5 offensive players are in a wide 1-3-1 set – with the low post player running baseline.
The 5 defensive players are in a 2-1-2 zone set. (any zone set will do.)

The offense must pass a minimum of 6 times before shooting.
The defense must defend with their hands behind their backs, using only their feet to get in proper defensive position.
They must “move with pass and not with the catch.”
They must constantly communicate with each other. Talking is an important part of this [tag]basketball drill[/tag].

Once the shot is taken, the defense will yell “Shot!”.
This is a signal that the defense may now use their hands to find an offensive player to box out, and then rebound the ball.