Take a look at these [tag]basketball defensive drills[/tag].  They were originally intended for younger players but you will find your older teams will enjoy them as well.

This is a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] to help your 10-11 year old team be able to protect the ball from extreme defensive pressure.  It is basketball’s version of the “bull in the ring”.Basketball Defensive Drills

I make all the players form a large circle.  They must be at least two arms lengths apart.  l“  have one player stand in the middle dribbling the [tag]basketball[/tag].  I number the players that form the perimeter circle from one to ten and so on depending on how many players you forming the circle.  Then I yell out a number.

The player with that number must make a mad dash to try and steal the basketball from the player in the middle.  He continues to do so until I yell out a different number and then the first player goes back to his position in the circle and the new player who’s number I just called tries to steal the basketball.  The player dribbling the basketball must concentrate on turning his body and protecting the basketball with his off arm.

They really love it because of the suspense of not knowing where the next player is going to come from in order to try and steal the ball.  It really helps them protect the basketball with their body and forearm.  Give this drill a try. I think you will like it.