Looking to keep your practices lively and add some fun. Try out this [tag]basketball defensive drill[/tag] that Debbie sent to me. Great drill to end practice!Basketball Defensive Drills

From Debbie…
“Bull in the Ring”
My team loves this game, they beg to play it. Teaches players to more aggressive on the boards.

Have your team line up all the way around the free throw area.
The object is to score two baskets first and you get to get out of the “ring” To start the[tag]basketball drill[/tag] place two players in the middle and toss the [tag]basketball[/tag] up. As soon as one player scores two baskets a new player gets in the ring against the player that is still in. (New player comes in from the left under the basket and old player leaves on the right under the basket and everybody else moves around)

You must stay in the ring until you score your 2 baskets. If you find that a player is in the ring too long and getting tired replace that player. The players around the free throw are there to keep from going out of the “ring”.

Anything goes in this game (except for pulling hair and biting). This really gets my team pumped up to play great [tag]basketball defense[/tag].