Here’s a little strategy that I use for my [tag]basketball defensive drills[/tag].  We run a full court diamond press.

When the opposing coach calls a timeout to write up a quick press breaker I pull off my press.  I tell the players to “act like” we are going to press then drop back in our 1-3-1 half court trap.  On our next bucket, or when they inbound the ball under their basket, the press is put back on.  I find that the players will forget the play the opposing coach just wrote up, thus the press becoming a little more effective.

Here is another very simple [tag]basketball[/tag] drill that works on shooting/blocking/boxing out.  I have one person stand at the baseline under the basket and pass the ball to the shooter who is standing on the center of the free throw line.  After the pass, the baseline player challenges the shot by trying to block it, and then box out using proper form.  If the defender gets the rebound the play is over, however if the shooter gets the rebound she can try to put the shot right back up.

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