This is one of our [tag]basketball defensive drills[/tag] that we call the Herding Drill.  It is a drill that is designed to teach players how to trap properly and also how to defeat a trap.

The drill begins with one offensive person who has the [tag]basketball[/tag] underneath the basket in the lane.  Two defenders (trappers) are positioned in the lane about 10 feet away from the offensive player. There is one more offensive player at half court and one more defensive player on that player.

The drill begins when the player with the ball starts to dribble.  The two defenders in the lane try to trap the dribbler and the defender at half court plays deny defense on the offensive player at half court.  The object is for the offense to take the ball the length of the court and score and the defenders to create a turnover.  Any time the offense makes a pass out of the trap, teach your players to rotate and trap again with the closest two defenders trapping and the third defensive player rotating to take away the passing lane to the other offensive player.

This is great for teaching kids to be aggressive and to read the floor on the run.

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