This defensive [tag]basketball drill[/tag] was sent to me recently by one of my readers. It relates to [tag]basketball defensive stance[/tag] and includes some great tips on [tag]basketball defensive drills[/tag]“ that“ you can begin using with your team right away.Basketball Defensive Stance

From Sander…
I worked out this simple [tag]basketball[/tag] drill a couple of years ago, training youngsters about 10-12 years old.  You could name it Sumoboxing (or something)!

You have 6 players pair up in 3 teams of 2 players. This exercise concentrates around the 3 circles on the basketball court.  2 around the free throw line and the 3rd is the 1 at half court.  One player is the offensive, starting outside the circle. The other one is the defense, starting in the middle of the circle.  The defensive player in the middle of the circle stands above a still ball, which lies in the middle of the circle.

The play starts when the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] whistles.  At the whistle, the offensive player has only one goal: trying to get to the ball and touch it.

The defensive player’s job is to prevent this, by working his back into the offensive player and boxing out the offensive player, by using his body and strength to prevent the offensive player from getting to and touching the ball for one minute long.

An offensive player the touches the ball maybe 6 times in one minute. After that minute the offense becomes defense and vice versa.  The one with the least amount of touches sprints the difference (player 1:6 touches to player 2: 8 touches = 2 sprints)

My young players really liked this exercise in between other exercises, because of the physical aspect(using your body to defend a ball).  You also create a sort of awareness of the physical aspect of boxing out an offensive player.

Kids really work hard to protect their ball, laying the base for boxing out and working hard for an offensive rebound.  And it is always fun to watch those kids really get into it and create a winner’s mentality.

You could also work out a different way to determine the number of sprints by giving the defense points when they box their player out of the circle.