Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best [tag]basketball dribble moves[/tag] that they use with their teams.  Check out this [tag]basketball“ dribble drill[/tag] below (very creative!).  David sent in another tip that works with his team.Basketball Dribble Moves

From Joe…
Here is something I came up with for my Jr. High [tag]basketball[/tag] team.  During [tag]basketball dribbling drills[/tag] we always practiced behind the back and through the legs dribbles.  However, during games they were reluctant to use these skills. 

I then devised a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] requiring them to dribble full length of court, going behind the back at free throw line, then between legs to half court, then behind back to free throw line, then finish between legs.  The idea being they get used to using the skills on the court rather than simply in drill practice.  It worked well for several players.

From David…
Triangle Box Outs
Offense and defense on both blocks and free throw line.
When shot goes up rotate clockwise and box offense gets rebound, defense does five air squats.